Rebekah Fox–Rutherford

Rebekah Fox–Rutherford, Age 10; Big Stone Gap, Virginia:

“Growing up around here… There’s a ton of wildlife in the woods; I mean a ton. If you are a hunter it's awesome. I’ve already killed a squirrel but you really have to watch out for snakes. Once I thought one was a worm and almost touched it. It didn’t bite me so I got lucky. I like all animals but I wanna stay away from snakes.”

“You will run into a lot of prickle thorns in in the mountains, prickle thorns, that’s what I call them.”

“Big Stone, It’s a small town but there’s a lot to do. I like to fish. I like to ride my bike. I like to do any sport. I’ll fish for anything as long as I catch it. I’ve caught a biggin’ before.“

“I play the guitar, but I’m thinking about playing the violin. I mainly like to play mountain music because I love the music that’s up here in the mountains. I just like the sound of mountain music and country music. It makes me feel good inside. I love the stories in songs. Sometimes kids don’t really like the stories in books so music gets them to hear the stories. Sometimes kids just don’t want to read books, so you play the song and they get the story.”

“When people call me a mountain girl I’m happy about that.”