Traditionally, marketing is defined by the Four P’s: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. We believe that a more fluid and purpose-built approach to Marketing transcends the test lab and the boardroom to encompass things like employee attitude, how your workforce is perceived in the community and even what is being commented on and posted to your Facebook or other social media page. Marketing is the dance of business, and corporate choreography will put the leaders a step ahead.

A Billboard We Designed

A Billboard We Designed

Public Relations (PR)

While Marketing is the no-nonsense, numbers driven father of the mix, Public Relations is the flamboyant, larger-than-life uncle who cruises into town once a year with his Cadillac trunk filled with ice and bottles of champagne and chases all the pretty women. Public Relations is orchestrated grandstanding, designed to create hoopla, excitement and notoriety for a product or event. 
Or, utilizing P.T. Barnum’s promotional philosophy, it employs novelty, demonstrates ingenuity and achieves free publicity.
What? P.T. Barnum? Why did we sneak that one in?

Well, he practically invented the idea of advanced public relations. Weeks before his show entered a new town, Barnum would send a special train coach designed to attract crowds and build anticipation of his upcoming show’s arrival. Barnum gave America the Big Top, the three-ring circus and the ringmaster - not to mention General Tom Thumb; Jumbo the elephant; Jenny Lind, the “Swedish Nightingale”; the phony Feejee Mermaid; Madison Square Garden; the rain check; the newspaper ads to sell his shows; the “let’s get the show on the road;” and the media conference.

Of course, a lot has changed since Barnum traveled the world with his outlandish curiosities, but his passion for publicity should be an inspiration to anyone who wants to be extraordinary. Our favorite Barnum quote is still as true today as it was a century and a half ago: “Without promotion something terrible happens…Nothing!”