The Humans of Central Appalachia (HOCA) road team scours the region searching for events, family reunions and any occasion where Appalachians may gather and be in one place long enough to swap stories. Armed with cameras, recorders, and a supply of road-worthy snacks, we love to aim the HOCA-mobile toward the mountains, and see where those hairpin turns lead us.

Some of our best story-gathering sessions have come about directly as a result of suggestions from our followers. If there is a gathering or event in your region that you think we should be aware of, let us know! We are always interested in visiting new places and meeting new friends. You can contact us here.

Also, if there are folks in your community you would like for us to feature, we will travel to you if you can assemble a group of eight or more individuals to talk with us, and you are located in one of the more than 200 counties in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia or North Carolina that fall within the geographic scope of the "Central Appalachia" region we have defined.

Check out our schedule below to find us on the road, see our open dates, and learn more about upcoming photography and corporate training workshops and retreats presented by Photographer Malcolm J. Wilson.