Photography Workshops & Corporate Training

Malcolm Wilson is a life-long learner, and a natural teacher who shares his wealth of knowledge in a way that makes learning personal, fun and memorable! Classes can be customized to fit any time restraints, and can be held at your workplace or any number of off-site locations. For a more intensive experience, retreats provide an opportunity for participants to become fully immersed in learning at on off-site location free from the normal distractions and interruptions of the office. Generally two to three days (encompassing a long weekend) or a full week, such retreats are frequently held on the campuses of some of the most historically and culturally significant settlement schools in Eastern Kentucky.

While continuing education and training are important investments in your human resources, training in areas such as digital photography and photo editing tools provides a unique way to thank your top clients and provide recognition to top-producing employees.

The Galleries Below are Samplings of Student Work Completed While Attending Our Workshops…

Popular workshops include…

 The Digital Darkroom                        Technology Training             Business Training

• Digital Photography                                                       •Social Media                                              •Sales & Customer Service
• HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography                   • iPhone & iPad                                           •Media Relations
• Photoshop/Photoshop Elements                                                                                                       •Trade Show Success                  

Exhibit From A Photography Workshop At Hindman Settlement School

Exhibit From A Photography Workshop At Hindman Settlement School