Design Portfolio…

In marketing and advertising, perception is reality. And that reality is rooted in the fundamentals of solid, eye-catching design that effectively tells the world who you are, and how you want to be seen. Building your brand is the foundation upon which all other marketing collaterals is based, and the process starts with the development of a powerful logo.  Think about some of the global logos that speak volumes with their simplicity. Coke. Google. Apple.
Malcolm J. Wilson has the skills and resources to begin your identity campaign from scratch with a comprehensive logo development process, or even provide an update to an existing logo to modernize it and make it more readily identifiable.
From there, the sky is the limit! Wilson can help you decide the best way to build awareness for your brand, whether it’s through a standards compliant website that is ready for a mobile market, vehicle wraps, billboards, corporate signage, business cards and letterhead, trade show displays or leave-behind sales pieces like catalogs or rack cards.
Every piece of material your customer comes in contact with, every vehicle the public sees on the road, and every doorway through to your organization holds vast potential as a marketing tool.