Mike Belcher

Mike Belcher, Automotive Detailer; Bristol, Tennessee:

“I was in the military, volunteered and stationed at Paris Island, didn’t serve long as my knee popped out of socket, causing me to shatter both kneecaps. Was 17 when I first blew out my knees. It was a result of a trail bike accident. 

Unknown to me, the recruiting officer monkeyed with my enlistment documents, hiding the fact I had bad knees. He was court marshaled and given a dishonorable discharge. I was honorably discharged due to medical circumstance. 

I lived with the pain until I was 30. Couldn’t afford to take time off from work to have the needed surgery. Got laid off from work and had surgery done then. 

Was in recovery and rehab for months. It was tough financially… I had to make a living.

As far as living in the mountains goes, it disturbs me that folks make fun of us, the way we talk... For some reason folks believe we are just druggies. Everything outsiders believe, it's just the opposite of what those people think.

Besides my daughter, my three dogs are the love of my life. I've got three Shih Tzus, all rescues.”