Scott Pryor

Scott Pryor, Tire Wholesaler; Blountville, Tennessee: 

"I was born in Michigan, Detroit, Michigan. My mom moved when we were real little and everything. Got away from up there. She liked it up here so we moved here.

I work in a tire warehouse. We wholesale tires to retail stores. 

(Been working with cars) probably about 20 years. I was building a 68 Camaro and ended up having to sell it. Then I bought this one. Took me about ten years [to complete].

It’s a 1931 Ford Sedan, 2 door, top’s been chopped, three and a half inches, frame’s been boxed in. It’s got a 373 Posi rear end under it, 350-turbo transmission with the B&M shifter, 3500 stall. It’s got a 350 in it and a 44 Fat Man front end under it; hardwood floors and dash. I bought the wood over here at Lowe’s. 

There’s a lot of car shows around here, lot of hot rods and street rods; always find the old cars up in the mountains. Buddy of mine had it [this car] in the garage. It was all to pieces when I got it and everything. It had a little four-cylinder Jeep motor in it. I got it, took it home, stripped it all the way down to the frame and started from the frame up. 

[Has been living in Blountville] probably about 37 years. I got a grandma who lives in Knoxville, aunts and uncles. My mom’s actually originally from here. My other grandma, her mom is from here. (My mom) she’s retired and my stepdad’s retired. He built a ‘38 Dodge and he just ended up selling it a couple of weekends ago. We was at a car show in Elizabethton and a guy came up, was interested in it and bought it. 

I gotta do bit more interior work and stuff to it. I got a fortune in this one. I would like to do another Camaro if I can find one".