Kytalynn Brock

Kytalynn Brock - 8 years old - goes to school in Black Mountain, Evarts, Kentucky:

"I like to sing and read some books. Like singing different music. I don’t sing with other kids or in a band. 

[About school] I like reading and writing I love making new friends and I like art. I don’t know, I just do different things like the singing. I wanna be a fashion designer. 

Yeah. It’s fun, sometimes I put on some pants and I go up the mountains and I look at the trees and how beautiful it is in the mountains. I like being in the mountains. There’s all kinds of flowers that grow and I pick them for my mom and dad. Usually I just seen birds chirping, and sometimes I see our state bird, the cardinal. 

I really go outside and play and go swimming. I go fishing. Usually I go fishing with my cousin, Gracie, and her mom and dad. I really don’t know, I think it was a blue gill [biggest fish she ever caught]. I took a picture with it and then I had to throw it back in. I reeled it in and I released it.

Hillbilly? It’s like you’re country, I guess!

He [her dad] works in the coal mines. Usually when he comes home I’m asleep and he tells stories to mom while I’m asleep. Sometimes I wake up early enough and I was late and I missed the bus and I would see him. He looked like all kinds of coal dust on him and sometimes he would come home with a tank top on and I would be like ‘where’s your vest?’ and he would say ‘I took it off when I was working. Yeah, I’d still give him a hug (with all that dirt).

I like singing Taylor Swift. I sing ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ too. I’m proud of it [being a coal miner’s daughter].

[Little brother], Gideon Willis Ray; he’s one. I love it [having a younger brother], sometimes when I wake up he smiles at me and I like doing that because I know that he loves me. 

[On changing diapers] Not a lot! Because, like, mom usually changes his diaper ‘cause she has to change it in the middle of the night or in the morning and I don’t want to because it’s not my surprise! I don’t like it!"