Keenan Robertson

Keenan Robertson, Age 26, Knoxville, Tennessee, Presently Learning to Repair Construction Equipment, Jacobs Creek Job Corps, Bristol, Tennessee:

“It’s been a journey to get where I am today. It was a little rocky at first but things seem to be smoothing out right now. Life experiences, things I’ve been through and that sort of stuff are the things that made life rocky. I’ve been through a little bit of everything man. I had planned to go to the military but that didn’t work out. Wasn’t skinny enough I guess." 

"I’ve been in food service to warehouse jobs, dibbled and dabbled. Then I found out about the job corps. Trying to smooth things out. You only get one chance in life man. This is my chance. I call it a window of opportunity. Get paid a little bit (while training). It’s not much." 

"It’s a journey man… just climbing right now."