Alex Bynum

Alex Bynum, Age 12, Student; Sunshine, Kentucky:

“I love to play with my friends, swim, hunt, play in the mountains. I’m an only child. I was really sad when my granny died. I was nine. She was 86. I’ve gotten over it now.

My dad stays at home now. He had a stroke. He is 52. He’s always there for me. He was an X-ray surgeon. My mom works. She takes care of people, people who are sick in a nursing home. My mom is nice, honest and works hard.

I wanna play in the NFL, play in the NBA and race NASCAR. But I wanna play basketball most. My hero is Stephen Curry. When I retire from the NBA I’m gonna drive NASCAR. When I make all that money I’m gonna give it to the homeless.

Coal mining? It keeps the lights on. 

Have you ever ate snake before? It’s good. We put it on the grill. Snake tastes like Chinese food. My friends think it is nasty.“