Whompuss Cat

Whompuss Cat, Pikeville, Kentucky, Self Employed Carpenter/painter:

“Lack of human communication causes disorientation of utmost importance in meaningful situations. It takes only an action to prove just a fraction of how happy we all can be. We all make mistakes. The lessons are great and what we learn gives our life its shape. Let's not hate, judge, or discriminate, rather love, laugh and impregnate.....each other with the happy seed to fill the needs of the us's and we's. No need for hesitation, or procrastination in our generation, we are all bound to change the nation.

It's the simple things in life that make me happy, the Russell Fork, the Appalachian Mountains, my dog, and most of all my River Family. I couldn't be any richer, for these bonds are the only true currency in the world. Love y'all.

Sometimes I wish I was dyslexic, I have always wanted a pet God.