Tina Taylor Rose

Tina Taylor Rose, Cowgirl/Solid Gold Dancer/Campfire Singer; Alter Ego: Legal Assistant; Clintwood, Virginia:

“I am not the poetic or writer type, I am more of a hands-on country girl, self-sufficient. That is what we are; we are strong, tough resilient and able. We take care of our own.”

“Growing up we had few neighbors, no cable TV, but lots of room to roam and to ride horse and skinny dip in the creeks. Never wearing shoes, I left my footprints on that mountain and the mountain left it's footprint on me.”

“No place that I have traveled offers the peace I find here. My mind is still and quiet. I can appreciate God's gifts. I am just a country girl, Appalachian, and proud of all that I am and all that we are as mountain people.”