Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony, Artist, Painter, Mother & Owner/Operator Painted Note Studios; Kingsport, Tennessee:

“Always been a gypsy. Started as an army brat which contributed greatly to my wanderlust. Every time I traveled through these mountains, there was a complete peace that came over me. A knowledge of this area calling to me. While living in many a beautiful places all over North America, I never felt settled. Always going somewhere else. The universe set a path for me to be here. And now I am home. There is an energy in these Appalachians. I have never been as creative and as fruitful anywhere else. When you become aware of the serendipity in your life, you further the opportunities of them happening more frequently. It's hard for people to let go of their inhibitions. To, just surf on this wave of life and let the Divine flow happen. Once you do, though, I promise; everything will be right. Will be beautiful! Will be limitless!”