Daniel Applegate

Daniel Applegate, Works at a Bike Shop and Outdoor Outfitter on the Appalachian Trail; Damascus, Virginia:

“A lot of hiking and biking was all I did growing up. Played sports in high school, baseball and football. In my graduating class there was only 75 people. This isn’t a very crowded place. Seems people living in other places are always in a rush. Everything is so chill and relaxed around here.”

“I think the media believes that people in Appalachia and the south are just a bunch of rednecks and hicks and stuff. In reality, we are just the same people, just going slower, you know. Living here is like living in a vacation spot. It really is. It’s a big tourist town because of the trails.”

“I’ve met quite a few interesting people on the trails. A few years back, can’t remember the year, I met a guy on the trail from Nevada, can’t remember his name. He used to be a lawyer. He had gotten into a car wreck with his family, his little boy and his wife. They ended up dying so he came out here. He was lost, just searching for answers. I haven’t seen him for the last couple of years but until then, he was on the trail for 15 years, just repeating it. He never went home. He was a really good guy. He was so nice. He couldn’t bring himself to go back home, to go into his house. He’s been on the trail ever since.”

“There are two kinds of people on the trail, those that love the outdoors, and those who are searching for answers.”