Clayton Leonard

Clayton Leonard, Age 90, Retired, Horse Van Builder, Car lover (Edsels), Bristol, Virginia:

“Bought my first Edsel new in 1959. It was green. Bought the one I have now in 1970. It’s an Edsel… Ford Edsel Corsair. It’s kind of a luxury car. The price on it was about $3,000 I believe, when I bought it new, something like that. Back then, gas was about twenty-five cents a gallon; you could get a Pepsi Cola or a Coke for about a nickel and a MoonPie for about that same amount of money. Time flies by so fast you know.“

“That (first) Edsel I was telling you about, I drove it up and down State Street and this girl, she was out there watching me all the time… I don’t know, one day she said she wanted to marry me, so I married her. She passed away in 2009. We had two daughters, my oldest also passed away in 2009.”