Brandon Dinelli

Brandon Dinelli, Maker of Artificial Limbs (Family Business); Bristol, Virginia:

“About all I know is Bristol. I like Bristol, it’s quiet. The greatest part of everything, (is) being Appalachian. I like the story of how we came here, just chopped down some woods and made a homestead. This is where we’re gonna live.”

“There is this thing that everybody says about this place; If you lived here you are always gonna end up back here; something about these mountains they say. It’s the vibe you get off of them that makes this home. When you go elsewhere, at least when I go somewhere else, and if I don’t see the mountains in the background with the rolling hills I always feel a sense of unease. This is home. This is where I’m gonna be.“

“(Outsiders) always portray us as dumb, thick accents and rednecks but that ain’t us. We like our sweet tea and stuff like that but we are just easy, laid back folks that don’t get up in a tizzy about everything. I don’t know why they do that. I think they are jealous of how laid back we are, how we just take everything with a grain of salt.“