Caleb Coogle

“I’m lucky to have two moms; most kids don’t have two moms. It’s amazing! They just love you – that’s all that counts.”

Caleb Coogle, Age 8; Harlan, Kentucky:

“I like to play basketball, and football. I’m a fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. I liked the Harrison twins. Every day, I get my brother’s basketball and I just start shooting away. 

The person you just met is Seth Coogle. He’s my brother. He’s older than me just by two minutes and fifty-three seconds. We’re a lot a like. We do things together like play basketball. That’s all we do. We’d like to be like the Harrison twins. 

I like living and growing up in the mountains because we have neighbors that sometimes want to play basketball with us. Sometimes I say, ‘I’m Kentucky and you’re Tennessee!’ and I beat him every time! Tennessee’s a big butthole. 

I begged my mom to buy me a basketball and a basketball goal and she wrote ‘Seth and Caleb’ on it, but now my basketball is flat so I can’t play but I get my brother’s and start shooting away.

I have a sister, her name’s Cheyenne. She picks on me, sometimes. I don’t pick on her though. I like her. Sometimes, we play baseball. Every time I throw a fast ball, she gets out. And every time she hits, I catch it and throw it to first base and she is out! She’s older, in high school.

I’m lucky to have two moms; most kids don’t have two moms. It’s amazing! They just love you – that’s all that counts. My biological dad got divorced with my mom and, it’s just hard on me, sometimes.

My mom’s a good mom [Leslie Bledsoe]. She cooks spaghetti, steak, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and meatloaf steak, parmesan chicken, roasted chicken. But, sometimes she cooks fried okra and I just spit it out. I do like pickled okra, it tastes like pickles, but I hate cooked fruit. 

(Are you a hillbilly?) Oh, yeah! It means you’re crazy up in the wilds. I do things like shoot deer, throw knives at bears and kill them, and kill turkeys. I got my mom’s 12-gauge shotgun and shot it at a deer, at it’s head, and killed it. We ended up eating it [the deer], I like eating it [venison]. I like to cook it with seasoning and stuff. One time, we killed an alligator up on our lawn and it tasted like chicken. It was over in Martins Fork [Martin’s Fork Lake]. They are always wanting to creep up on you. Have you ever killed one? They come around during spring because it’s getting colder at other places. 

I’ve got a granny and a Papaw Kevin [he lives on the way to Lexington, in Pineville. With my Papaw Kevin], we went to kill a deer. He had his revolver ready. He had shot at it twenty-one times. That deer was dead. Sometimes he doesn’t aim, and he misses. Sometimes he kills stuff when he doesn’t aim [but] he aimed the twenty-first time and he killed it.

Living in the mountains, you can play! You can play tag and you can have fake wars and throw rocks at each other and at other people’s base. Me and my brother played it [fake war], yesterday. We kept throwing rocks like that and it destroyed his base, and he died. He died in the game, but he’s not really dead. I love my brother. I help him all the time. And he helps me all the time.

What makes my life special? It’s just special, for some reason.”